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It can't be difficult to hire a limo, you just pick by size and price, after all, they're all alike, aren't they? Untrue! Few limos are alike, and more important, no two limo companies are the same! All companies offer a different level of service, and not everyone gives the high quality you get from Silver Ridge, and that should be the most important factor. Here are some helpful hints on how to hire a limo for any event.

Don't wait for the last minute.
To be guaranteed the vehicles you want, book as soon as you can. For a wedding, we recommend you book 6 months to a year in advance.

Get a written, signed contract.
Your canceled check or receipt is not a contract. Make sure all the details of the event are on the contract and correct. Both the company and the customer should sign it, and each get a copy.

What kind of limousine to book?
The two main factors are age of vehicle and the size. The newer the car and the larger the car, the more it costs. Newer cars like Silver Ridge's have more amenities than older cars, which were lucky to have a radio. Ask what year the cars are! Beware of any company that refuses to tell you! (It's old!) Make sure the car you pick is written on the contract. There are limos from 5 to 14 passengers with the most popular being the 10.

Antique and specialty cars.
If you look around, you can find some special cars for your event, such as Silver Ridge's antique cars. But be prepared, special cars rarely come at a discounted price and do not have many of the amenities that modern cars have.

What do you get for your money?
Weddings are priced as a "package", usually three hours. Other events are usually booked by the hour, with a minimum, usually 4 hours. Charges start at the pick up with Silver Ridge, but some companies charge from the time they leave the garage, so ask! You will be expected to pay overtime if you exceed your paid hours, at the the end of the ride, in cash. Be prepared.
Give a deposit.
Without any money down, most, if not all limousine companies, will NOT hold or guarantee you have a car. Here, at Silver Ridge, once we receive your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, we will confirm your trip(s) at that time. If in doubt, remember to Always ask for the terms of
payment. Most companies require Payment In Full before the day of the event with any additional charges due at the end of the event.
For Wedding Packages, the driver's tip is NOT included in the contract price unless otherwise noted on the contract. And, in the case tip is included, you are welcome to reward your driver(s) with an additional tip if you believe that they have given you exceptional service.
For Airport Transportation or Nights Out, the tip is NOT included in the contract price. The standard tip rate is 20% for good service. A poor tip is an insult to a driver who has worked hard, like the drivers from Silver Ridge do.
Cancellation Policies And Refunds.
If you have any questions or concerns about cancellations and/or refunds that have not been explained to you, just ask the reservationist to clarify these policies. Most limousine companies have very strict cancellation and refund policies. Here, at Silver Ridge, ALL Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
With regard to airport and/or sedan transportation, we require at least 7 days advance notice for any cancellation. Any of these trips cancelled less than 7 days in advance of the date of the trips will be subject to the FULL COST of the cancelled trip(s) less the amount of any collected deposit.
With regard to All Stretch and Antique Car reservations, we require at least 120 days advance notice for any cancellation. Any of these trips cancelled less than 120 days in advance of the date of the trips will be subject to the FULL COST of the cancelled trip(s) less the amount of any collected deposit.
Check out the cars.
Ask to see the vehicles. Even a parked car should be spotless and ready to roll like Silver Ridge's cars. Beware of a company that tells you the car was out and they didn't have time to clean it yet! How does the car smell? Is there an odor of smoke? Does everything work? Are there any dents or missing pieces? Ask if you require matching cars or something special. Don't assume!
Check out the company.
 Silver Ridge has been in operation since 1995, and are members of local and regional wedding and limousine groups. What about that other company? What about references? A book filled with thank you cards shows happy customers, and probably means they can make you happy too. Make sure the company isn't into side lines. It's hard to be a great limo company when you also rent tuxedos, arrange flowers, etc. Are they a full time business? Some companies are only part time on weekends! Is this the level of service you want on the most important day of your life?
"FREE" Limos.
Sometimes a reception facility includes a limo as part of a package. Don't be fooled, you're paying for it! Ask where the car comes from and what it is. Then call that company and ask them. Usually it's an older 6 passenger limo. Since the company makes little on that car, they are trying to get you to rent your other cars from them. Remember, you are not obligated to work with that company. Many receptions will give you something else instead of the limo, or discount the price. If you have to take the car and are not happy with it, have it pick up grandma, and rent what you want from a company you're happy with!

Service, Service, Service!
The limo industry sells sizzle. It's all about service. Anyone can drive a car, not everyone can handle the crisis when the organist doesn't know when to start the music like Silver Ridge can. How is the driver dressed, tuxedo, business suit, or black jeans? I've seen them all at weddings. Does the driver know wedding protocol like the drivers from Silver Ridge? You'd be surprised the tasks a driver must take care of. You don't want your driver standing in front of the church eating a sandwich and smoking a cigarette. Can you get both male and female drivers with personalities? Is there real glassware in the cars? What about champagne, bottled water, ginger ale, coffee, a newspaper, bagels, etc.? Can the driver handle an emergency with needle and thread, safety pins, hairspray, lint brushes? Above all, Silver Ridge's drivers know where they're going, and can get you there on time!

Special Information for Our Clients
The downturn in the economy has effected the entire wedding industry, and specifically, the limousine industry. We are notoriously an industry of high overhead, and have been severely effected by the recent economic slowdown with less bookings, and therefore, less money to operate with. To further complicate things, we have noticed that many of the smaller local limousines companies have been forced to shut their doors as a direct result of this economic slowdown.  This will effect you, the consumer! There will be less choices for you and less available vehicles.  More importantly, will the limousine company that you book with today still be operating when your event comes up? If they are not, it is doubtful that you will recover any deposit money, and you will run the risk of not having the vehicles you need for your event.

We at Silver Ridge Limousine foresaw the downturn in the market last year when the slowdown first started, and took steps to make sure our company remained solid. We paid off our debt and put money away for the rainy days that are now here.

We can say, with all confidence, that Silver Ridge Limousine will be here for you through these rocky times. We will be here next year, and for years to come. We encourage all our potential customers to ask questions, and to make sure that the company that they book with, for such important future events, are as solid as Silver Ridge Limousine is. We look forward to serving you with our exceptional service for all of your future events. Best of luck in these uncertain times and God Bless America!



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